• Flax.my | pure & natural flaxseed gel for your hair

    pure & natural flaxseed gel for your hair


We produce all natural flaxseed gel that promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, eliminates dandruff, improves hair texture and solves various other hair issues. 

Flax seeds are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential for healthy hair growth. They nourish the follicles and hair shafts, making them stronger and less prone to damage. This also ensures that the new growth is strong and healthy.

Flaxseeds are also rich in vitamin E, which is great as anti-oxidants and for healthy hair. The nutrient promotes the health of the scalp by reducing free radical damage. It helps improve circulation in the head, thus promoting hair growth and slowing down greying of hair.

  • Flax.my - Amanda AC

    Amanda AC

    “I am so happy I have come across Flaxmy Flaxseed Hair Gel, and after using it only a handful of times, I managed to see significant results. It acts as light conditioner for hair, give my hair a natural shine and volume, not too mention it is less oily too. I have PCOS, so I have flaky scalp on some part of my scalp, after applying the gel, it helps to sooth the itchy scalp! I can’t wait to see more good results from it!”

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  • Flax.my - Sarah Nafisah

    Sarah Nafisah

    “Recently I discovered I have loads of grey hair and my scalp beginning to feel very itchy. I have been searching for the right product for a while, so I have found your adverts and tried. The day I use your product it doesn’t itch not even a bit. The day I skipped your product my scalp itchy like crazy again. So, I’m sticking to your product now I think. It’s really a blessing for me. I am at peace now.”

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  • Flax.my - Wan Firdza Atillya

    Wan Firdza Atillya

    “I used this gel on my hairline sebab selalunya rambut I akan terkeluar-keluar bila pakai tudung. And after pakai this, it’s manageable. Kalau nak pakai gel rambut lelaki pakai tu tak minat sangat so I was glad I could use this gel as it is good for hair growth. And bau dia wangi!”

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  • Flax.my - Rajes Ravichandran

    Rajes Ravichandran

    “I already finished 1 bottle. My hair was frizzy and damaged by chemical products. After using Flaxmy Flaxseed Gel my hair feels silky. I’ve noticed baby hairs growing above my forehead!”

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  • Flax.my - Bhavani


    "While applying the gel on my head, I can see less hair fall, it even reduced the dandruff!"

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  • Flax.my - Cathirina Maleni

    Cathirina Maleni

    "I just applied today for the second time. So far its so good especially for my curls. I just love the softness. And I can see the hair fall is getting reduced."

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